July 8, 2022

Join your colleagues and other professionals as you are educated through presentation, demonstration of working models and interaction with industry experts from companies all over the United States. Explore a unique perspective on Natural Gas Engines and Compression in this jam-packed two-day workshop! Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect: 

“Good” to “Fail” — Case Histories of Valve Failure Leaks

Mary Margaret Chapman, Windrock, Inc. 
Monday, July 25, 3:15 pm


Monitoring reciprocating compressors to indicate valve leaks is not a new practice. Equipment and processes have changed drastically through the years, but analysts still collect and analyze pressure curves, review trends values, and ultimately determine if their unit has leaks. As online systems are becoming more prevalent and frequency of data collection is increasing, Windrock has observed different failure patterns in suction and discharge valve leakage. Through case histories, Windrock will present a variety of different failure patterns in these valves using standard indicators like flow balance. This presentation will include cases where valves seem to take weeks to reach a failure level, as well as failures that seem to happen in minutes. Assumptions can be made on the likely causes of these different failures, and potential financial impacts can be calculated as well. The presentation will conclude with some best practices on tracking findings and mitigating potential risk of supplementary damage to assets. 


“Angular Velocity” – A Simple Way to Obtain Great Information 

Ed Kelleher, Windrock, Inc. 
Wednesday, July 27, 3:00 pm


When collecting data using a One Per Degree Encoder a simple testpoint to obtain is Angular Velocity. Angular velocity data is not difficult to interpret and can identify degradation of mechanical components and help pinpoint issues through crankshaft components. 

Angular velocity can be utilized to compare velocity values to OEM limits and assessing torsional vibration issues. 

This presentation provides the details of how Angular Velocity is used along with case history demonstrating the value in the information.


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