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This year, the team at GMRC and SGA has developed an opportunity for our members to access the entire catalog of virtual classes for one single, flat fee. This means every employee across your organization can enroll in as many virtual classes as they wish at an incredibly affordable and modest rate.

We believe in this opportunity and have a success story to share. An SGA distribution member invested in our All-Access Pass for the latter half of 2023. The result? In just three months, they saved a staggering $67,000 and increased their training registrations by 25x compared to the year’s first half. It is a testament to the immense value and impact this access can bring.

In 2024, we are rolling out over 200 classes, covering a wide spectrum of topics, from Natural Gas Champions to CO2 Compression, from Crisis Communications Strategies to Vibration Analysis, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Investing in the All-Access Pass is not just about affordability but empowerment and equitable access to supplemental training. Committing to this pass shows dedication to your team’s growth and your organization’s success.


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Enroll your organization today.