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This three-day workshop is intended to provide end users and operators, engineering companies and packagers with procedures, recommended practices and reference material for selecting, specifying, procuring, designing, applying and operating large, high-speed reciprocating compressor packages. It includes a comprehensive and detailed guideline for developing and building high-speed compressor packages that meet customer and equipment OEM specifications. The course focuses on large packages for pipeline transmission and storage applications, although most of the principles pertain to packages for all types of applications. Project management and planning, equipment installation and commissioning are also covered in detail.

A team of experienced industry subject matter experts will lead the course, providing lectures and hands-on group exercises to provide a valuable learning experience. In addition to copies of the course slides and exercises, each participant will receive a copy of the new GMRC Guideline For High-Speed Reciprocating Compressor Packages for Natural Gas Transmission & Storage Applications. This valuable resource will provide benefits long after the completion of the class. 

Breakfast, lunch, and refreshment breaks provided.

Detailed Agenda follows:


  • GMRC Guideline Introduction – Background, Basis & Content
  • GMRC Guideline Application – Characteristics of a Good Project
  • GMRC Guideline Application – Project Management, Responsibilities, Schedule
  • Characteristics of Transmission & Storage Applications
  • Compressor Selection & Specification
  • Engine Selection & Specification
  • Electric Motor Considerations for Selection & Specification
  • Capacity Control
  • Preliminary Pulsation Bottle Sizing
  • Skids & Foundations
  • Specifying Engineering Studies
  • Team Exercise 1 – Project Organization & Schedule
  • Team Exercise 2 – Select Driver, Compressor, Foundation, Engineering Analyses
  • Equipment Selection & Bids
  • Purchase Specifications
  • Team Exercise 3 – Bid Tab Evaluation



  • Team Exercise 3 (Complete Bid Tabs - continued)
  • Open Questions / Discussion
  • Skid & Site Accessibility
  • Torsional Analysis
  • Coupling Considerations
  • Pulsation & Vibration Control – Fundamentals, Guideline Annexes & Best Practices
  • Team Exercise 4    - Evaluate proposed bottles; Find/Resolve Bad Practices
  • Package, Vessels, Process Side Systems
  • Compressor Auxiliary Systems –Drains & Vents
  • Compressor Auxiliary Systems – Compressor Oil Cooler, Lube System, etc.
  • Engine Auxiliary Systems
  • Team Exercise 5 – Find/Resolve Bad Auxiliary System Practices



  • Team Exercise 5 - Team Results & Discussion                                         
  • Open Questions / Discussion                                                                
  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers                                                                  
  • Equipment Mounting & Alignment - Engines                                         
  • Equipment Mounting & Alignment – Compressors                     
  • Package Inspection & Testing                                                   
  • Field Inspection & Commissioning                                                                       
  • Field Testing & Vibration Assessment                                                                       
  • Operation & Maintenance                                                                             
  • Open Questions / Discussion                                                                  
  • Team Exercise 6 – Sequence Installation & Commissioning Tasks                           
  • Team Exercise 7 – Assign Installation & Commissioning Tasks – Compare with Ex 1 Results          
  • Open Questions / Discussion                                                                
  • Course Summary / Recap                                                                                 
  • Course Evaluation        

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Day 1:  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Day 2:  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Day 3:  8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Instructional Team

The course draws on expertise, experience, and best practices from senior industry experts who developed the program. Our sincere thanks to the companies and individuals whose time and talent made this workshop possible.

W. Norm Shade
ACI Services, Inc.

David McCoy
Ariel Corporation

Kenneth Hall

Kelly Eberle
Beta Machinery Analysis

Josh Shaver
Atmos Energy

Patrick Campbell
Ariel Corporation

David Krenek

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