August 28, 2017

As Hurricane Harvey swept through the Houston area this past weekend, many GMRC member companies prepared for the worst. While the storm’s wreckage is certainly devastating, no member companies in the impacted areas have reported any catastrophic losses.

GMRC’s Project Supervisory Committee was previously set to meet in San Diego this week to discuss current and upcoming research projects for the organization. However, because of the weather events, several members were unable to make the trip. Instead of delaying the meeting, there will be a WebEx enabling virtual attendance and discussion for Tuesday, August 29. If you have questions about the meeting, projects or the WebEx, please contact Jane Butler for information.

While the rain continues to fall and the full aftermath of the hurricane is yet to be seen, our member companies in the affected area will see difficult days ahead. GMRC is standing by ready to help, relay information and support the membership however is best appropriate.

“This is a difficult time for our community, but I have no doubt we will recover,” said Michael Smith, Chairman of the GMRC Board of Directors. “While our employees, companies and communities work to recover, GMRC will be there to lend a helping hand as we can. We are a resilient group and we will rebuild.”

If your company needs assistance or if you have any details that would be helpful to other member companies, please feel free to contact the GMRC staff at 972-620-8505.