GMRC workshops and conferences provide professionals of all levels the opportunity to gain knowledge that can be used immediately, acquire skills to help you work safer and smarter, and keep up with the latest industry regulations.  Workshops are taught by industry subject matter experts  - people with real world experience.  Classes provide practical information in an interactive format, with information you can apply on the job immediately.  You will be learning from the best in the business.  

Below are events conducted or scheduled for 2017.  Click on the link to go to the webpage for more information.

Combustion Characteristics - May 2 - 5, 2017, Plano, TX -This workshop provides a comprehensive troubleshooting and problem-solving class covering the effects of operating conditions and control adjustments on engine combustion, plus detailed discussion around issues affecting the development and use of horsepower performance curves.

Introduction to Gas Turbines and Centrifugal Compressors  - June 6 - 7, 2017, Nashville, TN - A two day seminar for  Gas Turbine and Gas Compressor users who are interested acquiring an understanding of basic gas turbine and gas compressor working principles.  The instructors are recognized experts in gas turbine and gas compressor aero-thermodynamics, rotor dynamics and application principles.  GMRC has been conducting this highly-rated workshop for the past 20+ years, with the assistance of materials developed by Solar Turbines.

Factors in Compressor Station Design - June 6 - 8, 2017, Nashville, TN - This 2½ day workshop provides engineers and design professionals information on how to design and integrate the various parts of a compressor station into an effective and efficient system. It will provide practical knowledge on how to design a new compressor station or evaluate the design of an existing compressor station.

Engine Analyzer & Reliability Workshop - July 18 - 20, 2017, Atlanta, GA  This GMRC workshop is designed to meet the needs of analysts and engineers who are involved in predictive and preventive maintenance programs throughout the natural gas industry. Sessions and presentation that range from basic to advanced will allow the analysts and engineers to take home information that is useful now.

Gas Machinery Conference - October 1 - 4, 2017, Pittsburgh, PA - One of the industry's premier conferences, the GMRC Gas Machinery Conference includes a wide range of short courses, technical papers and technology updates, all presented by some of the leading subject matter experts in the industry. Also includes a vendor exhibit with over 130 companies showcasing the latest equipment, technology and services.  The educational sessions and networking opportunities are valuable for design engineers, facility engineers, and technicians with an emphasis on the operation, maintenance, and testing of gas compression machinery.

Applied Principles of Engines and Compressors - October 31 - November 3, 2017, Plano, TX -This in-depth workshop is an engine fundamentals class that provides a solid foundation to any employee involved in the operation of prime movers.  Although the principles described in this class are simple and easy to understand, the class is both stimulating and challenging.  Upon completion, each person will have a basic understanding of the equipment configuration and operation and will be capable of simple troubleshooting and problem recognition for their gas compression equipment.

Engine Emissions Stack Testing & Analyzer Workshop - Co-sponsored by SGA and GMRC, the Engine Emissions Stack Testing & Analyzer Workshop provides an understanding and familiarity through live demonstrations, hands-on inspection of equipment, and lectures and group discussions of actual field testing experiences of the following: the processes and equipment for EPA stack testing methods and protocols; function and design of portable analyzer equipment; factors affecting accuracy and outcome of testing and other calculations and flow measurements required.

Foundation Design and Repair - This course provides valuable guidance for maintenance reliability of compressors. It is intended for engineers, reliability and maintenance technicians and construction technicians with responsibility for reciprocating compressor design and installation. The information will provide knowledge and tools for applying the latest compressor mounting and foundation design and repair techniques to maintain the reliability of their machines. Topics will include The Machine and Its Foundation: Foundation Reaction to Compressor Loads: American Concrete Institute Standards; Tools for Condition Assessment; Basic Properties and Failure Mechanisms and How to Avoid Them.   Taught by highly respected instructors from Rowan and Associates, and Tech Transfer Inc.

Compressor Station Vibration and the Impact on Performance, Cost, and Reliability - This course focuses on vibration issues affecting compressor stations, including piping systems. Using a series of interactive case studies, the participants will gain a hands-on understanding of vibration issues and solutions at the design stage, as well as during commissioning and troubleshooting.

Guidelines for High Speed Package Compressors - This workshop will provide operators procedures and references for selecting, specifying, procuring, applying and operating high-speed units.  It includes a comprehensive and detailed guideline for designing and building high-speed compressor packagers that meet customer and equipment OEM expectations.


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