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Project Supervisory Committee Meeting  - August 18 -19, 2015,  San Diego, CA

Gas Machinery Conference - October 4 - 7, 2015, Hilton Austin - Austin, TX

Engine Emissions Stack Testing & Analyzer Workshop - October 20 - 22, 2015 - The Skirvin Hilton, Oklahoma City, OK

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2015 Gas Machinery Conference     October  4 - 7

Hilton Hotel & Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX


The GMRC Gas Machinery Conference will include three days of technical training and presentations, presented by the industry’s leading subject matter experts.

The 2015 program will offer several three hour short courses, over 30 technical paper presentations and 15-20 new technology updates. The conference includes a vendor exhibit showcasing the latest equipment, technology and services.  Educational sessions and networking opportunities are valuable for design engineers, facility engineers, technicians and others, with an emphasis on the operation, maintenance, and testing of gas compression machinery.

Short Courses | Technical Papers | Technology Updates
Presented by the industry’s leading subject matter experts

Vendor Exhibit—over 120 companies
Showcasing the latest equipment, technology and services

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Guideline For High-Speed Reciprocating Compressor Packages For Natural Gas Transmission & Storage Applications

This GMRC publication is a comprehensive specification document  intended to provide the end user and operator with more reliable procedures and references for selecting, specifying, procuring, applying and operating high-speed units with more predictable and reliable results.  It provides packagers with a comprehensive and detailed guideline for designing and building high-speed compressor packagers that meet customer and equipment OEM expectations.

For GMRC members, the charge is $95.00 per workbook; for non-GMRC members, the charge is $495.00.   Free domestic shipping is included with your order.  International shipping charges apply.

GMRC High-Speed Guideline Order Form

To order by phone, call Linda Todd at (972) 620-4013.



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