Guideline and recommended practice For control of torsional vibrations in Direct-driven reciprocating Compressors

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This new GMRC publication's purpose is to define a recommended practice for helping to ensure the integrity of separable reciprocating compressor applications with respect to torsional vibration.  Its focus is on the practice of torsional vibration analysis and the associated assessment criteria.  As required, discussions of other items related to torsional vibration inclusive of drive train design, configuration, fabrication, and assembly are also presented.

The workbook consists of 5 chapters (159 pages) organized in a full color, comprehensive 3 ring binder. 

To see additional details,  view a condensed version of the Table of Contents.

The guideline may be ordered using an interactive PDF file (due to size, the guideline is not offered as a down-loadable PDF file at this time).   

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