Guideline For High-Speed Reciprocating Compressor Packages For Natural Gas Transmission & Storage Applications

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This new GMRC publication is a comprehensive specification document  intended to provide the end user and operator with more reliable procedures and references for selecting, specifying, procuring, applying and operating high-speed units with more predictable and reliable results.  It provides packagers with a comprehensive and detailed guideline for designing and building high-speed compressor packagers that meet customer and equipment OEM expectations.

The workbook consists of 15 chapters organized in a full color, comprehensive 3 ring binder.  A CD containing interactive spreadsheets is included.  

To see additional details, click here to view a condensed Table of Contents.

The guideline may be ordered using an interactive PDF file (due to size, the guideline is not offered as a down-loadable PDF file at this time).   

For GMRC members, the charge is $95.00 per workbook;  for non-GMRC members, the charge is $495.00.   Free domestic shipping is included with your order.  International shipping charges apply.  

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To order by phone, call Linda Todd at (972) 620-4013.